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John Adams: Independence Forever (heroes Of History)

John Adams Independence Forever

Emerald Books

MPN: FBA-|322971
ISBN: 1883002516
Author: Janet Benge / Geoff Benge

Examines the childhood, marriage, family life, and political career of the American patriot who served his country as a representative to the Continental Congress, ambassador to Great Britain, and second president of the United States.
John Adams by Janet Benge / Geoff Benge is a good children's book. The author is Janet Benge / Geoff Benge and it was published on the 1st of October, 2002 by Emerald Books. The book has 224 pages. For the best price for this children's book besides other books, click on our affilate link.

Written for readers age 10 and up -- enjoyed by adults! A British man-of-war was plowing through the frigid waters using the Atlantic Ocean in hot pursuit of his ship. As a foreign diplomat for the young United States, 1st vice president, and second president, this true American patriot held firmly to his integrity and left an uncompromising legacy: independence forever. As the injustices of British rule stirred up the colonists to revolution and independence, this rising young lawyer became and influential member inside the Continental Congress as well as a passionate advocate for freedom. He couldn't be captured now! He had proudly signed the Declaration of Independence and was carrying the colonies' secret papers. John's heart sank. Growing up in Massachusetts, longing to turn into a farmer like his father, John Adams never imagined the vital function he would one day play in the transformation of the colonies into an independent American nation. If the British caught up with the Boston, John will be hanged.


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