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Revolutionary John Adams

Revolutionary John Adams

National Geographic Children's Books

MPN: FBA-|301832
ISBN: 0792254910
Author: Cheryl Harness

Revolutionary John Adams is an awesome book. Written by Cheryl Harness and it was published on the 10th of January, 2006 by National Geographic Children's Books. The book is 48 pages long. For the greatest deal for a copy on this book as well as other products, visit our store link below.

John Adams comes to vivid life for young readers in this addition to Harness's acclaimed presidential picture-biographies. Cheryl Harness's illustrations and text are 1st rate, appropriately complete of life and understanding."How wonderful now to see his story told for kids in such an appealing fashion. Dynamic artwork and lively narrative produce a warm, personable portrait of the stubborn man from Braintree, Massachusetts, whose passion for liberty spurred him on to extraordinary roles as a Founding Father, initial Vice President, and second President from the United states. Vivid quotes from both John and Abigail Adams supply great primary source material for school reports, and three illustrated maps show readers where important events took spot."— David Mc Cullough, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of John Adams Through Adams's eyes, kids witness the tension-enflamed streets of Boston, the bickering Continental Congress, the complexities of waging the War for Independence, at the very same time offered that the challenges of governing a new nation.


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