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The Story Of Thomas Jefferson

Story Of Thomas Jefferson

Ideals Publications

ISBN: 0824965027
Author: Patricia A. Pingry


A simple description of the life of the third president of the United States.
The Story Of Thomas Jefferson is a must own child's book. The author is Patricia A. Pingry and it was published in October of 2003 by Ideals Publications. The book has 26 pages and it contains plenty of colorfully illustrated artwork. It highlights Presidents. To get the best deal on a copy for this children's book besides other books, click on the shopping cart link below.

This title is intended for ages toddler and upwards. Colourful, sometimes whimsical, illustrations make this a book even the youngest child will love. The third president from the United States, the author of the"Declaration of Independence", too because the man whose library started the Library of Congress. Parents can use this story to introduce toddlers to the life of Jefferson in addition to the notion of the presidency.


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