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When Washington Crossed The Delaware

When Washington Crossed The Delaware

Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

MPN: FBA-|288021
ISBN: 0689870434
Author: Lynne Cheney / Peter Fiore

The author is Lynne Cheney / Peter Fiore and it is published by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers. This was available on bookshelves in October of 2004. This is the 1st ed. of the book is 32 pages long and it has splendidly colored illustrations of maps. To learn more about this book, click on the shopping cart link.

"This could be the story that I tell my grandchildren at Christmas."I hope that this book will bring the tradition of sharing history to families all across America.

Christmas night, 1776, was a troubled time for our young country. It looked as though our struggle for independence might be doomed, when Washington made a bold decision. He would lead the main physique of his army across the Delaware River and launch a surprise attack on enemy forces. In the six months because the Declaration of Independence had been signed, General George Washington and his troops had suffered defeat after defeat in the hands with the British.

Washington and his males were going against the odds. But the men who started across the icy Delaware loved their country and their leader. Under his command they would turn the tide of battle and modify the course of history. It seemed impossible that the ragtag Americans could succeed against the mightiest power within the globe.


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